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Surface Works
Retail & Hospitality Clients

Surface Works is an organization founded on the core belief that our retail / hospitality
customers benefit from individually designed, criteria based, full service
turnkey program.

Franchise Flooring Solutions

Our proven, time tested programs are the standard within the national, muti-
location, franchise operated locations facilities. Surface Works identifies and
establishes specific performance and aesthetic criteria for each customer’s
national design based on brand identification and image.

Franchise Turnkey Installation Management Programs

Once the specific expectations and specifications are formalized with the
customer, Surface Works then aligns the standard scope of work to assure
uniformity within all locations,. All specified products are selected and installed
within the time sensitive frame work of each unit’s location. Unique requirements
are addressed to assure that all locations will conform to time and appearance
measurements. A customized logistic, custom product inventory programs, and
communication system are designed to eliminate extraneous costs within the
new build, conversion, or refurbishment process. The customer specific turnkey
installation is based on services being performed during off hours of operation to
eliminate costly disruption to the operation of any location. Upon the completion
of each project, a systems management audit is performed to insure each
product is installed and performing to expectations..

Franchise National Costing Systems

Surface Works offers a cost effective national pricing structure. This approach
eliminates inflated costs associated with the traditional model of flooring
procurement which enables each individual franchise unit to benefit from national
program pricing regardless of size. Our geographical location installations crews
can facilitate the requirements of any time sensitive flooring issue. Surface Works
welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss this customized model of
turnkey flooring procurement and installation service system for your company.