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Surface Works
Corporate Clients

Surface Works is an organization founded on the core belief that our corporate
customers benefit from comprehensive needs assessments, expert
systems management, and cost value pricing in all aspects of flooring
procurement and services.


Our extensive experience in the flooring industry, at both the manufacturing
and service levels, enables us to offer our clients an independent, unbiased
analysis of their flooring needs. Surface Works identifies and establishes the
performance and aesthetic expectations of each project and aligns quality
product manufacturers and their offerings to meet or exceed our client’s
specifications and performance criteria.


Once the project expectations and specifications are formalized with the
customer, Surface Works defines the scope of work by outlining the critical
components. All specified products are selected and installed in accordance with
their individual installation specifications. Upon the completion of each project,
a systems management audit is performed to insure each product is installed
and performing to expectations.. We facilitate the maintenance of all products
installed, the utilization and rotation of attic stock, and evaluate the aesthetic
appearance of our products in the environment. The audit guarantees that our
customer’s selected products remain under warranty and performing at the
optimal level.
Our management of projects remains consistent on a local level, as well as on a
national level.


Surface Works offers a cost value pricing structure. This approach eliminates
inflated costs associated with the traditional model of flooring procurement.
We lower costs while satisfying our client’s high expectations. Surface Works
welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss this customized model of
flooring procurement, for your company.